'Auroras,' Niles Heckman Short Film, Explores Sci-Fi Lesbian Love

"AURORAS" is a short, science fiction film by Niles Heckman currently in production that explores issues of separation and love between two women.

Set in the 22nd century, the film revolves around a female cyborg who is recruited for a mandatory mission that forces her to leave her pregnant partner for an extended period of time by way of a space elevator. Using incredible high-tech animation technology to create visually stunning and emotional scenes, it aims to tell the universal story of love and loss through a different framework.

"While writing the five-page script numerous years back, I saw [the iconic] picture of Naval Officers Marissa Gaeta and Citlalic Snell kissing after Gatea had returned from extended service," Heckman told The Huffington Post. "Having multiple gay couples in my extended family, the moment I saw that image it clicked I should make the story based on these two women. This then gave the film so much more substance and meaning then if it was about a male and a female because it was a more politically relevant story about the time it was being made in. [It's] perfect for science fiction since most sci-fi is not about the future, it's about the period in which it's created."

Check out the video above, and head here for more information about "AURORAS" and the project's Kickstarter campaign.