Austin Bomber's Recording Says He's Not Sorry, May Be A 'Psychopath'

Mark Conditt reportedly had a much more deadly plan to end his bombing rampage.

The Texas man suspected of creating a series of bombs that terrorized the Austin area this month recorded a disturbing statement on his cellphone before he died in an explosion Wednesday morning.

“I wish I were sorry, but I am not,” Mark Anthony Conditt said, the Austin American-Statesman first reported Thursday.

CBS News confirmed Conditt’s audio recording later Thursday night.

Conditt died when he detonated one of his own bombs in his car following a police chase. The 23-year-old reportedly had another plan to kill himself that involved detonating a bomb inside a crowded McDonald’s, ending his own life and as many others as possible.

He also described himself as a “psychopath” in the 28-minute recording, which was made Tuesday evening, and thought of himself as disturbed from an early age.

Federal, state and local authorities are still searching for a motive in the bombings that killed two people and left five injured. Of the six total blasts, five occurred in Austin and one in the San Antonio area.

Police believe Conditt’s laptop, which was destroyed in the blast inside his car, might have contained other recordings that are now likely lost. In the cellphone recording, he reportedly blamed himself for allowing security cameras in and around a FedEx store to record his face and license plate number, according to the American-Statesman.

Conditt lived in Pflugerville, an Austin suburb, where he was home-schooled along with his younger siblings. His family issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying they felt “devastated and broken.”

Other details about Conditt’s life and perspective are scant. As part of his homework for an Austin Community College government class, he kept a blog for a few months in early 2012 in which he detailed conservative views on topics including same-sex marriage (he was against making it legal) and terrorism (he was against cutting deals with al Qaeda operatives).

A BuzzFeed report revealed that Conditt had been active in a Bible study group called Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT) that focused on outdoor survival skills, including how to shoot guns and use knives.

Authorities have warned that he may have planted or mailed other bombs prior to his death and have asked residents to stay vigilant.

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