Deputy Austin Douglas Sent Photos Of Suicide Victim To Ex-Girlfriend: Cops

A Florida deputy will face felony charges for allegedly sending photos to his ex-girlfriend of a man who'd killed himself.

Pasco County Sheriff's deputies arrested their colleague Austin Douglas, 29, on Thursday after his ex-girlfriend complained about receiving two pictures on her cellphone from him showing the body of someone who'd shot himself in the head, reports.

Douglas allegedly admitted photographing the dead body with his cellphone and sending the pictures on Feb. 19 because he was having a bad weekend, ABC Action News reports.

He'd included a grim note telling his former girlfriend that the photos symbolized how his weekend was going.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said Douglas wrongly took several other photos of the dead man. The department is investigating if hhe took inappropriate photos at other crime scenes.

"There was one scene where a person had committed suicide by shooting themselves in the head. He had taken photographs of the person's injuries, the gun and the whole scene," Nocco told WTSP TV. "[Douglas' ex-girlfriend] came forward because she was fearful of them and the fact that they have children in common, she was looking out for them."

Douglas has been charged with a custodian providing unauthorized photograph or video or audio recording that depicts or records the killing of a person, a third-degree felony, according to

Douglas has worked for the sheriff's office since May 2006, but will be fired, according to Nocco.

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