Austin Mahone Hospitalized, Forced To Postpone MTV Tour (UPDATE)

If you have tickets to go see Austin Mahone perform on his MTV Artist to Watch Presents Tour, then you might now have to wait a few months.

Troubling news has surfaced that Mahone was rushed to the hospital on Thursday, as the singer's rep told USA Today. This happened to be the same day his tour was scheduled to begin, but several sources are now projecting it will have to be rescheduled for 2014.

Though it is "unclear" what the pop star's condition is, Mahone posted a photo of himself in the hospital yesterday to Instagram and Twitter, captioned, "I've never felt so bad :(".

Mahone's mom followed this up with several tweets on her son's account, hoping to reach out to his fans and apologize for the disappointing tour postponement.

Often compared to Justin Bieber for his rise to prominence through YouTube, Mahone signed his first record deal in 2012 at just 16 years old. Now 17, Mahone has a loyal following of "mahomies" (reminiscent of "beliebers"?) who will eagerly await news of the singer's condition and rescheduled tour dates. Hopefully the hospital scare will turn out to be nothing major, and Mahone will be back in action in no time.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Mahone is "being treated for a blood clot and 'extreme inflammation' in his throat," as well as for "severe dehydration."



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