Austin Reed Sigg Led Police To Human Remains In Crawl Space Of His Home

Multiple media sources are reporting that human remains were found in the crawl space under 17-year-old Austin Reed Sigg's house.

Sigg, who was arrested at his home on Tuesday night, is facing charges of first-degree murder, felony murder and kidnapping in the Jessica Ridgeway case along with attempted murder and kidnapping in the case of a jogger at Ketner Lake.

On Thursday, prosecutors say the Colorado teenager confessed to the abduction and murder of Jessica, 10, and the attack on a 22-year-old woman at Ketner Lake.

CBS4 Denver first reported that Sigg told police what happened to Jessica on the night he was arrested and told them that human remains could be found in the crawl space underneath his home.

According to 9News, Sigg gave investigators specific details about the case that only someone involved in Jessica's disappearance could know.

On Wednesday morning, crime scene investigators could also be seen examining a Jeep parked in Sigg's driveway before towing it away.

"Justice for Jessica is a process," said Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey during a press conference Wednesday. "This is the beginning of this process." Storey added that documents filed in the case have been sealed.

Sigg is still being held at Mount View Youth Services Center and was still being referred to as a "child" during court proceedings Thursday morning in Jefferson County.

Prosecutors say they eventually plan to have him moved to the county jail.

He is expected to be formally charged during his next court appearance on Tuesday Oct. 30.

Austin Reed Sigg

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