Cheeky ‘Jeopardy’ Champ Somehow Got Alex Trebek To Utter A Naughty Word

Austin Rogers' streak come to a hilarious end.

It was a loss... but it was also a victory of sorts.

Jeopardy” champion and fan favorite Austin Rogers saw his reign come to an end Thursday night. 

But the episode included something that may have been a little more stunning than the New York bartender’s loss after winning $411,000 over 12 days. 

He got host Alex Trebek to say “dick tree.” 

Rogers came in second place, losing to stay-at-home mom Scarlett Sims of Oak Ridge, Tenn.  

He was honored after the defeat not only for his 12-game streak but also for his oddball personality. 

“Austin was outside the box ― completely different from what many viewers expect a ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant to be,” Trebek said in a statement cited by The Associated Press. “He was fun to be with and slightly irreverent.”

Fans took to Twitter to send him off with... well... dick trees. 



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