Detective Tackles Suspect In The Middle Of News Conference In Australia

The police detective is also a former rugby player -- and it shows.

A police news conference turned into a police action in a matter of seconds on Tuesday when a detective broke away from the microphone to tackle a suspect involved in another matter who was running through the scene. 

The suspect had allegedly made inappropriate comments to a teenage girl and was being chased by her father in the background of the news conference, 9News reported. Sgt. Daren Edwards spotted the ruckus and brought the man down. 

Not surprisingly, he’s a former rugby player. 

I dropped the shoulder and tackled him,” Edwards told reporters, per AFP. “Right around the knees, it dropped him.”

The suspect denied the allegations.

“I said nothing to her!” he said as he was being arrested. 

Edwards was bleeding from his head after the tackle but seemed otherwise fine as he spoke to the media afterward. He did admit it was “a little bit embarrassing” to get so much attention as the footage went viral.

“Fortunately we’ve stopped this male from continuing on his behavior,” Edwards told Australia’s “Today” TV show. “Preventing any other offenses occurring, that’s what it’s mainly about and protecting our women on the street.”

The suspect accused the police of being “corrupt, disgusting and abusing innocent people like myself,” the Australian reported. 

Edwards replied, “You can have your day in court.”

As it turned out, that day would be Wednesday, when the unidentified man went to court in the matter.

Watch the scene in the video above.