Australia, It's time.


After Ireland's landmark referendum and history making earlier this week, I've decided that I need to speak up on behalf of the 72 percent of Australians who believe in Marriage Equality.

Unfortunately, Australia has now become one of the last two English-speaking developed nations where marriage equality isn't the law of the land (the other being the U.S.).

I couldn't be more embarrassed that a nation like Australia can lag behind this much. Marriage equality advocates like myself are tired of dealing with backward, archaic politicians who refuse to see that the future of the world is a community of acceptance and equality.

And the worst part is, it isn't an accurate representation of what the Australian public want.

Tony Abbott, the Australian PM, has dug his bigoted heels into the aussie soil for his entire rein as PM and has completely ignored the facts and figures of what the people of Australia genuinely want.

Abbott recently stated: "Referendums are held in this country when there is a proposal to change our constitution and I don't think anyone is suggesting the constitution needs to be changed in this respect."

Well, either Abbott has the IQ of a cheese sandwich, or he is just blatantly ignoring the statistics that 72 percent of Australians want JUST THAT. 72 percent of Australians want a country where everyone is treated equally. 72 percent of Australians believe that the constitution most definitely needs to be changed.

But, for most bigoted individuals such as Abbott, facts and figures aren't accounted for when their hateful views are their priority.

Even with the gaining majority support in each house of parliament, the Liberals are still sticking their heads in the sand and are refusing a free vote.

Which is where my big mouth comes in.

I'm urging every single Australian in favor of marriage equality to contact your local MP and tell them why Australia needs to get upto speed on the equality wagon like the rest of the western world.

Australian Marriage Equality (AME) is an organization I'm a huge advocate for and they have a great website that makes it really easy to contact your local MP's.

Head over to

And tell the Liberal & National parties you want a FREE VOTE on Marriage Equality.
By allowing a Free Vote, the last hurdle to marriage equality will be removed.

It's time to get Australia out of the Stone Ages.