Australian Man To Live With Deadly Spiders For Charity Stunt

Sixty-seven-year-old Melbourne resident Nick Le Souef will spend the next three weeks living among hundreds of poisonous spiders.

According to the AFP,

"I am a bit silly doing what I am doing," Le Souef said of his decision to closet himself with potentially lethal redbacks as well as tarantula-like huntsmen and black house spiders, which also have nasty bites.

All part of an elaborate charity stunt, Le Souef will remain inside a 12-foot-by-four-foot enclosure in the window of a shop he owns. Le Souef hopes to raise $50,000 in donations for a children's charity by pulling off the stunt.

He has a history of these stunts, holding Australian records for three-week stints in a snake pit, a shark tank and also in a cage with redback spiders.

Supporters can make an online donation to help Le Souef reach his $50,000 goal. The money will benefit Variety, a nonprofit organization that helps children with disabilities.