Noodle Bar Owner Gives Knife-Wielding Robber A Taste Of His Own Medicine

"You have one knife? I have two," he reportedly said.

A noodle bar owner in Brisbane, Australia, fought back when a knife-wielding robber burst into his business and demanded cash.

When the robber handed over a note reading “I have one knife, give me money,” eatery owner Hunter Hu said he pretended to go in the back and fetch his bar’s money box.

But Hu returned with two meat cleavers and chased the shocked suspect from the premises, reportedly yelling, “You have one knife? I have two.”

The unidentified 19-year-old robber collided with a man loading groceries into his car, 7 News Brisbane reported.

He then crossed a busy road and hid out inside a fast-food outlet until police arrived on the scene and arrested him ― allegedly while he was still holding the blade, according to the station.

Despite the obvious threat to his safety, Hu said he didn’t really feel in danger at any time. “It’s Australia,” he told 7 News. “I don’t worry. It’s very, very, very good.”