Australian electronic producer Kendl drops latest single "For Her"

Australian electronic producer Kendl drops latest single "For Her"
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“For Her” album artwork

“For Her” album artwork

Electronic musician Jesse Kendal - or Kendl - just released his second single “For Her” in anticipation of his debut EP, set to be released later this year.

The Australian producer debuted with the single “Drive Slow,” which debuted on a compilation album for Big Beat Records.

The scope of his arrangements and his chillmatic sound draw inspiration from some of electronic music’s biggest innovators Bonobo, Four Tet and Jamie xx.

Kendl first found his passion for hip-hop and electronic music as a teenage breakdancer in the streets of Melbourne. A proficient jazz drummer and creative expression, he moved on to DJing and mixing at various nightclubs in his early 20’s.

“After producing music for the last 5 years I have uncovered a huge passion for sound,” Kendl says. ”I’m always exploring new ways to evoke strong feelings and emotions through my music with the use of interesting sounds that capture a particular emotion."

In “For Her” Kendl showcases his unique percussion arrangements and slow-building sonic textures. It’s galaxies away from the traditional “build and drop” that has become synonymous with mainstream electronic music, but Kendl says he likes to focus on the gradual change of sound and how it affects his listeners.

“I want to create audible art,” he says. “I strive to create musical ideas I haven’t heard before. Something that is beautiful, meaningful and timeless.”

Check out Kendl’s track “For Her,” and be on the look out for the Colours EP coming later this year.

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