Australian Firefighter Captures Terrifying Video Of Bush Fire With Go-Pro Camera

This is hell on earth - captured on video.

By attaching a portable Go-Pro camera to his helmet, firefighter Jonathan Mallin has recorded what it looks like for firefighters battling a raging blaze in a small township in eastern Australia.

As Mallin rushes around the smoke-filled neighborhood, high winds can be seen whipping the fires into a fury while some residents appear to try to escape in their cars. "It's too late," Mallin can be heard saying to one.

Firefighters battled nearly 100 different bushfires in New South Wales over the past few days, dozens of which were said to be "out of control," CNN reported. The severity of the blazes were worsened by hot, dry conditions and high winds. Hundreds of homes have been reduced to embers, and Australia's largest city, Sydney, was blanketed with smoke and ash on Thursday.

Click the video above to watch. It was filmed in Mt. Victoria, a small town near Sydney.

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