Cutting School Is Great Fun, Until You're Drenched In Your Lover's Blood (NSFW) (VIDEO)

Hey, Kids: Thinking about cutting class? Maybe you'd like to skip out on that boring lecture and hit the beach, work on that tan, catch a buzz -- and maybe get a little loving.

Don't worry, we totally get it, and it does sound fun... that is, until the explosions start and horror movie scenario kicks in with blood, guts and death in full measure for everyone involved. What's that? Did we lose you on that last point? If so, don't worry, because this informative video will make everything all too clear.

Alright, the good news is that we're almost completely sure that this item spreading online is actually a faux PSA created by henryandaaron (aka Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann), not only based upon the insanity of consequences displayed, but also due to the largely non-functional website of Learn For Life Foundation WA.

However, we have to say, it definitely drives the point home: Stay in school, kids!



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