Australian Boutique Tries To Sell Bottled Moonlight, Organic Air, For A Cause (VIDEO)

Feeling out of sorts? Perhaps you'd like to purchase a bottle of positive thoughts. (Warning: Not suitable for pessimists or negative nancies.)

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, Dupé (pronounced "due•pey"), a pop-up shop in Australia, has a bevy of other options, including bottles of all-natural February moonlight ("feeds up to five night skies"), jars of pure organic fresh air ("sourced from the most pristine atmosphere") and boxes of eco-friendly rays of sunshine (available in two sizes: Aurora Maximus and Aurora Petite).

If you haven't already guessed, Dupé is a fake shop. But it is serving a real purpose on behalf of Yarra Valley Water, the utility company in charge of supplying water and sewer services to Melbourne, Australia.

The company is on a campaign against bottled water, encouraging consumers to instead fill up reusable bottles with municipal tap water. In their eyes, buying a plastic bottle of water that's 1,400 times more costly than tap water makes about as much sense as purchasing a snack-sized serving of good vibrations. (Yes, Dupé sells those as well, promising they've been "filtered through three layers of ultra-fine cool dudes").

Throw in the fact that Australians recycle less than 50 percent of their plastic bottles, and the case against drinking bottled water becomes as airtight as the jars Dupé uses to store its organic fresh air.

WATCH a video of consumers at the Dupé store, above.



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