Watch Swaggering Australian Women Rap Against The Tampon Tax

With a little help from Snoop Dogg.

These women think Australia shouldn't tax tampons and pads. And they've remade Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" to make sure you know about it.

The hilarious video repurposes Snoop's sleek, menacing lyrics into rhymes like "I B-L-E-E-D just 'cause I was born as me/So I pay the GST 'cause menstruation ain't for free," and turns what were originally glasses of Moët & Chandon into glasses full of blood.

Jeweled pendants are replaced with tampons on chains, and that lady in a white tracksuit swaggering around the set is Christine Forster, the sister of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The witty imagery has a political point. Tampons and pads are subject to Australia's Goods and Services Tax, which was introduced in 2000 and adds 10% to the price of nonessential items. Things like sunscreen, condoms and incontinence pads are exempt. Campaigners claim it's a #BloodyOutrage that feminine hygiene products are classified as luxury items.

"I think Australia has a pretty outdated attitude around periods," the video's director, Mia Lethbridge, told Mashable Australia. "I feel like the tax is reflective of this attitude. We are supposed to be a progressive country, yet here we are taxing menstruating Australians!"