Australian Tourism's 'CU In The NT' Campaign Isn't Shy About Going Down Under

Now this is something we haven't seen before.

Australia’s Northern Territory, which is also known as the NT, is trying to boost tourism in a cheeky way.

A new tourism campaign called “CU in the NT” has just been rolled out by a group called NT Official.

Now, Australians use a particular swear word often ― we don’t need to tell you which one ― and the slang usage of it there isn’t deemed as offensive as it is in America.

The NT Official website’s merchandise bearing the slogan leaves little to the imagination.

Though, the campaign’s Facebook and Instagram page also highlight the legitimate beauty and splendor of the locale it’s supporting.

After all, “CU in the NT” is just trying to get you to check out Australia’s Northern Territory.

The campaign is an “independent underground campaign” specifically meant for “young people.”

“We are a fronted by a guerrilla group of people with the aim of promoting travel awareness to the Northern Territory region,” a spokesperson from NT Official told Mashable.

“We want people to recognise that if they want to go to the NT they shouldn’t hesitate. They should just go and tell their friends to ‘CU in the NT!’”

Anyone suddenly down for a trip down under?

(h/t Mashable)

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