Australian Woman Killed Man Over Her Barking Dog

A Sydney woman was found guilty today of fatally stabbing a neighbour who complained about her barking dog.

A New South Wales Supreme Court jury convicted Katrina Megan Whitmore, 26, after two days of deliberations.

Joseph Durrant, 47, was on his way home from Australia Day celebrations on the morning of 27 January, 2007, when he argued with Whitmore in her yard about her dog. Prosecutors said Whitmore threatened Durrant then attacked him with a knife.

"She does say that she told people not to speak to her dog like that," prosecutor Chris Maxwell told the court.

A witness told the court he was at a party next door when he saw Whitmore run down her driveway brandishing a knife.

"Katrina was standing behind the guy (who was) on the ground trying to get up," said witness Adam Duncan. "He got up (and I'm) pretty sure Katrina stabbed him in the neck."

Whitmore has acknowledged there was a struggle but denied wielding a knife.

She will be sentenced on 29 May.

Co-accused Steven Spiro Sotiropoulos, who was involved in the fight and charged alongside Whitmore, was found not guilty of murder.

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