Australia's 'Today Show' Collapses Into Sexual Innuendo During Discussion Of 'Long, Stabby Thing' (VIDEO)

Something is definitely in the water in Australia.

First there was "Ten News at Five" anchor Belinda Heggens' low-blow sexual smackdown of co-host Mark Aiston. Now Australia's version of the "Today Show" completely falls apart during a discussion about a "long, stabby thing" that one of the co-host's keeps by his bed to fend off intruders.

A discussion that began "apropos of nothing" quickly found a common theme.

GEORGIE: Well, Tim's my long stabby thing, but I used to have the Olympic torch under the bed when I was single.

As the "Today Show" team convulsed with giggles, co-host Ben stepped in with what he felt to be some common sense advice:

Can I make a point? If you've got an intruder coming into your house, why would you want to actually stab them? That means you've got to get up close and personal with them. I'd want to be standing back and whacking them off from a distance.

That's it. Shut it down.

WATCH: (via The Daily What)