Authenticity Looks Good on You

Let's talk about how authenticity increases visibility by opening up and being yourself and giving yourself the ability to really get people to understand who you are because you know what, love -- it will change the fact that you're viewable in a more personal way online and that is HUGE. Why? Well, it's simple. When people know who you are from the get-go, when they come to you, they are likely more of a fit for working with you since they know more about you up front. Obviously, your transparency and authenticity drew them in, so "the selling" should come easy right?!

It's totally true! I very rarely have to use a "pitch-slap" as I lovingly call it. I give TONS of value on my strategy sessions and discovery calls -- so much so, that by the end, most are asking me how they can work with me. It's not just the value given -- it's the transparency that I've created up until they made the decision to book with me. From social media to my website where they can then opt in to my list and get even more transparency and more value -- I've set up a process to truly nurture the people who need what I am offering. Even those that aren't ready for or cannot afford to work with me -- I've got options. Everyone learns differently, everyone thrives in a different setting -- I've got options.

Catering to your target audience is never easier when your target audience is so close to your heart. When you believe in what you do and the value you are capable of giving to your target client, the possibilities are endless. I strongly believe in the power of a positive mindset -- I have such a positive mindset all of the time because I am doing what I LOVE and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Allow yourself the pleasure of exuding confidence in your transparency and sheer happiness in your authenticity - it looks good on you, love!