Author Jeffrey Eugenides Punched By Drunk

Author Punched In The Face

On Sunday, The New York Post reported that Pulitzer Prize winning author Jeffrey Eugenides was attacked on a New Jersey train on his way home from Manhattan last week by one of two inebriated men who were singing songs about their penises.

When a female passenger approached the drunken duo about keeping their inappropriate conversation down, they ignored her request and continued to sing about their genitalia, eventually calling friends to sing their song. Eugenides allegedly grabbed a cellphone from the men and got punched in the face by one of them. The attacker promptly fled the scene. The aftermath of the attack was noticed, however, when Eugenides attended a Paris Review party for his new book, "The Marriage Plot," sporting a black eye and stitches.

Euginedes's long-awaited new book, "The Marriage Plot," tells the story of an unrequited love triangle set in the 80s and is set to be released this October. It has already received rave reviews based on the two excerpts that appeared in The New Yorker last year. This will be Eugenides' first book since his 2002 bestseller "Middlesex" which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction the following year.

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