Author Of Gawker's Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Story Speaks Out

A.J. Daulerio says the post was more of a general commentary on celebrity sex tapes.

Hulk Hogan came under fire recently after tapes of him making racist remarks were leaked, doing little to bolster his reputation amid his legal battle with, whom he's currently suing for hosting his sex tape.

A.J. Daulerio, the Gawker editor who published the tape (which has since been taken down), told HuffPost Live on Tuesday that the site was in the right to broadcast the wrestlers's sexual exploits.

"We presented it in a way that ultimately, we thought, was basically telling that story. That was a news story, at the time," Daulerio told host Marc Lamont Hill about the tape, which showed Hulk having sex with the ex-wife of his best friend.

According to Deaulerio, the tape wasn't there to feed a voyeuristic demand to see the Hulkster in flagrante. Rather, it was published to spark debate and conversation.

"The whole commentary was based around celebrity sex tapes in general and why we watch them," he said. "I don't have an answer to that. I told my opinion about that, and that was the basis for the post."

Three years later, the former Gawker editor-in-chief has no regrets about the piece. "I've had that with other stories, but not with that story at all," he affirmed.

The trial, originally slated for early July, has been moved to the fall. Meanwhile, Gawker is in the process of adopting a new editorial ethos after recently pulling a controversial post.

Watch more from A.J. Daulerio's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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