Famous Authors' Zombie Tarot Card Readings

The zombie apocalypse is coming. We all know it. Why else would we have a stockpile of Cheese Doodles and extra shotgun shells under our bed if not for securing the perimeter and a delicious snack? Because I'm a book nerd, I also have a teetering stack of novels to keep me occupied until the undead figure out how to use doorknobs and actually enter the house.

As the author of the Zombie Tarot [Quirk Books, $16.95], I wondered how my favorite writers would face the oncoming horde. With conviction and a steadfast gaze, daring the zombies to blink first - which should be a cakewalk since most of them no longer have working eyelids - or would they crumble under the pressure? I decided it's time to find out who has the guts and who left them to be munched on by Hell's Handmaidens through a simple tarot spread. Buckle up, Buttercup, it's go time for the authors of the 19th century.

Using a three-card spread, how asked each would fare using:

Card 1: How they would view the zombie apocalypse: Fearing for their lives or giggling in a corner and annoying people by saying, "I told you so."

Card 2: What they needed to focus on to survive.

Card 3: The ultimate outcome. Would they lead the next wave of survivors to victory or end up chewing on their own feet?

Zombie tarot readings for authors