Author Victor McGlothin on Secrets of Newberry

Lovers of post-civil war era love stories, you're in for a treat. Victor McGlothin has created a heart-warming tale called Secrets of Newberry about a defiant black man and a young mulatto lady. When fate, crime and racism drives them apart only love can bring them together. I had the opportunity to interview the author of this gem and this is what what he had to say:

First of all, for those who haven't read your book, what is Secrets of Newberry about?

The Secrets of Newberry is set in a small plantation community just outside of New Orleans, 1955. The story follows a family with deep dark secrets which are shocking even by today's standards. Events chronicled in this novel drift beyond the well-drawn color lines of the era as rich plantation owners brazenly cross them. Conversely, poor tenant farmers scratch out a living from fertile Louisiana soil while holding onto dreams deferred and an occasional hot night in the dance halls of the big city.

Two small time hustlers from opposite sides of the tracks discover that friendship and freedom aren't mutually exclusive when a heist goes wrong, a powerful city councilman is murdered and the police are hot on their trails. The toughest decisions they will ever have to make could mean turning their backs on women they love and exposing some secrets worth dying to keep.

Why should we go out and get a copy?

This story is so rich in history and plot twists that it merits reading more than once. It would be a welcomed addition to any personal library.

Who do you think would enjoy the book the most and why?

Secrets of Newberry is steeped full of dramatic events, witty dialogue and vivid scenes. This novel will appeal to avid readers and those searching for an authentic story of tragedy and triumph.

What inspired you to write Secrets of Newberry?

My readers inspired me to put this story together after hinting at its existence in a previous novel several years ago. A character in What's A Woman to Do? found a collection of hatbox letters after her mother passed away. The letters were written from a relative in the town they fled from in the middle of the night during her childhood. My fans were so taken by the contents of hatbox letters they suggested vehemently that I actually write a story based on the letters. The Secrets of Newberry is the result and I believe my best work to date.

What challenges have you faced in promoting your work with over 100,000 books coming out per year?

There will always be challenges in giving your book a voice when so many others are screaming to be heard simultaneously. Fortunately, non-contemporary novels seem to call out to readers stemming several generations because of their historical value and a rare glimpse back in time. Every reader knows what it's like to live in the present. This novel provides an opportunity to see, feel and experience life when cards were played closer to the vest and love didn't blossom over the internet or die with a rude 'sorry but I've found someone else' text message.

What are you working on next?

I've completed my last novel which is the sequel to The Secrets of Newberry. Now, I'm focused on adapting some of my story to screenplays. If all goes well, I'll see you on the red carpet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed real tight.