Author William Gibson on New Orleans: "The City They Couldn't Disneyland"

Acclaimed author William Gibson was kind enough to describe what it is about New Orleans that draws travelers from around the world and when they have to leave, what draws them back. We're seeing back-to-back broadcasts from New Orleans for the 5 year Hurricane Katrina Anniversary this weekend. We'll see it again for the 10 year, but in the meantime William describes why you really ought to come down on your own and experience the city for yourself.

Because the best way to support New Orleans is to be here.

What would a visit to New Orleans do for the city?

WG: A much-needed vote of confidence in an extraordinarily interesting and still strangely secret American place.

In return, would a visit to New Orleans do for that traveler?

WG: Exposure to history, both past and right-this-minute. New Orleans is, by American standards, ancient, and socio-technological history is literally being made there. Visit interesting folks in interesting times.

I would wear that as a tee shirt. On a personal level, what has New Orleans given you?

WG: The most beautifully peculiar of all American dream-spaces. A splendidly alternate mythology. Deep and determinedly unofficial culture. The city they couldn't Disneyland.


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