Autistic Students Make Music Using iPad Apps (WATCH)

The first time you listen to Ryan Rodriguez, Denzel Jackson and Jasmine Latham's music, you might think they sound like any high school band. But the three autistic musicians, along with the rest of their classmates, use a special learning technique and perform on their iPads.

The innovative new music program comes out of P177Q, a school for special needs students in Queens, New York. Teacher Adam Goldberg integrated iPads into his class as a way of getting around the challenging, technical aspects of traditional instruments and allowing students to focus on creating music.

"Right away, these students are learning to work together, they're learning to share, and cooperate, and to be like a team, because that's really what's going on when people play music -- it's team work," he told Fox News.

Goldberg's class performed a challenging jazz song for the reporters, followed by free-styling their own compositions. The entire concert was facilitated by various iPad apps.

As more schools incorporate iPads into their curricula, further educational benefits of the device are being discovered. A year after one California school implemented iPads into its algebra curriculum, math scores jumped by 20 percent; 78 percent of students scored proficient or advanced on the California Standards Test.

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