Autistic Adults Lose All Government Assistance At Age 21, Struggle To Map Out Future

When Tyler Bell graduated from high school it meant he was one step closer to being an independent -- a scary thought considering he's had to rely on other people his whole life.

Tyler suffers from severe autism and, when he turns 21, will lose the government support that paid for his special education and therapy needs for the past 17 years.

Many adults living with autism lack the proper amount of resources necessary to live a normal life and the fear is that Tyler could end up becoming one of those living alone.

To prevent this, Tyler's parents, with the help of friends, neighbors and teachers have mapped out Tyler's future, literally. They have drawn out various scenarios Tyler may face and created solutions they can provide him when he does indeed lose government support. The Bell family gathered friends and neighbors, anyone who knows Tyler well to help give him guidance and map out the future that he'll have to manage himself.


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