Auto Correct Fails: Damn You Auto Correct's 11 Most Awkward SNAFUs Of 2011


We've all been there. You mean to text "I'm coming over now," but your iPhone auto-corrects your message into something absurd like, "I'm crying into some ham."

Damn You Auto Correct, the site that collects the most absurd user-submitted auto-correct fails, has published its year-end list of the top 25 most outrageous texting SNAFUs.

Check out 11 of the funniest, most awkward fails in our slideshow (below), from botched love notes to innocent questions gone horribly wrong. (Beware, some of these are NSFW.) And be sure to visit Damn You Auto Correct to view the fails that were too outrageous for us to publish (here).

For some of the best texting fails from parents, have a look through our slideshow highlighting 13 of the most cringe-worthy messages, courtesy of the When Parents Text Tumblr blog.

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Damn You Auto Correct's 11 Funniest Texting Fails

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