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Automatic Ejections In NFL Could Become Reality In 2016

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It seems that the powers that be in the NFL are finally starting to get it: players do not get ejected enough. Period. You see far too many dirty plays, cheap shots, and penalties that go unabated, where players and teams are reprimanded with meager penalties and sometimes the occasional fine.

If this method of discipline worked, then players would not still be starting fights, taunting, using cheap shots and committing these erroneous and flagrant fouls. But now, things may be changing, or so they seem.

I've already addressed the need for more player ejections in my last article here in an open letter to the NFL on suggested rule changes. Now, it seems that the NFL's executive elite are actually mulling the option of automatic ejections.

The prospect of this being discussed includes a player being flagged for two personal fouls in a game. If this rule takes effect, this would result in the automatic ejection of that player from the game.

There are some personal fouls that are being considered as separate from this proposed clause, with not all committee members viewing all personal fouls as grounds for potential ejection.

The NFL, for that matter, has been rather mum on the issue, and has not released what penalties would qualify and has not publically stated whether or not this rule will go into effect anytime soon.

Obvious penalties would include roughing the passer, chop block, horse collar, taunting, fighting/unsportsmanlike conduct, hitting a defenseless receiver and so on. It has not been made clear whether or not this proposed rule change will be endorsed by the committee. But it really seems like it should.

The recommendation will be made to all 32 team owners in the annual league meeting this next coming month. In order to pass, at least 24 owners must approve of it.

All things considered, players are not ejected enough, if you ask me. You see insane amounts of fighting and scrapping all the time. But the refs usually just throw a flag. You also see cheap, illegal shots, intentional fouls and more - where players should be ejected for their insidious actions.

This is professional football; not the MMA. Players should be held accountable on the field as the role models they represent to the millions of youth that look up to them day in and day out. It's time to make it apparent that this type of conduct will only result in one thing: a player being ejected and unable to contribute for the remainder of the game.

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