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Connor's Day: Car Show For Terminally Ill 11-Year-Old British Boy Goes Viral

Get ready for the most heartwarming story you'll read this week.

Jalopnik reports that Scott, a British father and Subaru fan, was recently given the devastating news that his 11-year-old son, Connor, has inoperable brain tumors with only four weeks to live.

Before the diagnosis, Scott had promised Connor -- who is a big car enthusiast -- that he'd take him to a car show.

Unable to find a show at short notice, Scott took to the ScoobyNet forum to ask other members of the automobile community to bring their cars to a small-scale event he planned to organize near Huddersfield in England:

i have just been informed that my 11 year old son has around 4 weeks to live for those who dont know he had leukeamia aged 2 and beat it then last year we had the devastating news that he had a cancerous brain tumor they operated and removed it and we thought all was well until friday when we were given the news it had returned in 2 places and there is nothing more they can do to help him as you can imagine we are totally devastated and have to try to make the most of our time left with our little boy so heres where i hope you can all help me i promised him a few weeks ago before i found out about this that i would take him to a car gathering as he is a massive fan of sports/modified cars mainly subaru,s evo,s etc but i cannot find one so i thought i would try arrange one just for him so i can keep that promise!

Read the original story by Jalopnik here.

The post soon went viral and at last count there were 320 cars from the ScoobyNet forum due to attend, along with possibly hundreds of others from separate message boards and forums. The cars in attendance are likely to include Maseratis, Ferraris, Porsches and Bentleys. There are plans to take over an airfield if the number of people volunteering continues to snowball.

The event is being called Connor's Day.

However, the 11-year-old -- who has beaten cancer twice in the past -- doesn't know that the brain tumors have returned. Scott has asked everyone involved with the event to not mention it to him when they see him.

According to Kevin, Connor's grandfather, "The car community has come together as one to make this boys dream come true." "The support for Connor as been astronomical ,out of this world (sic)," he wrote on the ScoobyNet forum.

Scott has also set up a PayPal account for donations: Contributions will go to a children cancer's fund.

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