Auto-tune The Financial Crisis: 'Bankers' Song' Takes On The Financial Crisis (VIDEO)

Ever heard of Commissioner Rouglas Scholtz-Tweakin of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission? Neither had we.

To go along with their new expose on banks' self-dealing, NPR and ProPublica collaborated with "reporters" at Auto-tune the News to bring us exclusive footage of the "eleventh commissioner" at the private hearings. (Hence, the reference to commissioner Douglas Holtz-Eakin.)

In "Bankers' Song - We Didn't See It Coming," we get to see how the FCIC's top investigator gets some real answers out of Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein, Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan and former Clinton administration Treasury Secretary Robert Rubi, albeit with tambourines and key-tars.

WATCH the video here: