People In Famous Paintings Who Are F**king Excited About Fall

So. F**king. Excited.

"Don't mind us. We're hoarding our annual bundle of festive leaves."

<a href="">John Everett Millais, "Autumn Lea

Larry is unavailable this fall because he's become pumpkin spice personified. 

<a href=",_Giuseppe_~_Autumn,_1573,_oil_on_canvas,_Mus%C3%A9e_du_Louvre,_Pa

"Everyone needs a seasonal profile pic," said Karen, before she posed with Every. Single. Tree.

<a href="">Winslow Homer, "Autumn Woods,"

Go home, Pan. You're drunk on fall.

<a href="">Peter Paul Rubens&nbsp;and&nbsp;Frans Snyders, "Ceres and

Steve and Jeannie are living in their backyard for the duration of the season. And they're f**king excited about it.

<a href="">Jam

"Please, do not mistake our expressions for anything other than unbridled, fall-induced euphoria."

<a href="">Louis J

That feeling when the autumn sun starts to set and you forgot your cardigan.

<a href="">Edvard Munch, "The Scream,"&nbsp;1893</a>


<a href="">Alphonse Mucha, "Four Seasons,"&nbsp;Autumn,

Is that a baby in the carriage? No. It's a pumpkin. Because Carol loves fall that much.

<a href="">Nikolai Matveevich Pozdneev, "Autumn Day," 1961

"Please, my husband can't even discuss his excitement right now."

<a href="">Grant Wood, "American Goth

"Paint my pumpkin like one of your French girls."

<a href=",_Young_Girl_Carr

Christina -- just now -- was like, "It's fall."

Andrew Wyeth, "Christina's World," 1948
Andrew Wyeth, "Christina's World," 1948

Greg can't decide which gourd he wants. Greg is all of us this fall.

<a href="">Hermann Kern, "The Pumpkin Seller," 1904</

BRB, grabbing a pumpkin ale.

<a href="">Jens Lund, "Autumn,"&nbsp;1909</a>
Jens Lund, "Autumn," 1909

Jeff and Judy refuse to wear anything but their Halloween costumes this October. Their mom is OK with it, because it's f**king fall.

<a href="">Egon Schiele, "Mother with two

This boy, this girl, this cat, this eel -- they live for fall.

<a href="">Judith Leyster, "

See you never, winter!

<a href="">Vincent van Gogh, "Autumn Landscape,"&nbsp

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