Ava DuVernay Acknowledges The 'Magic' Of Black Hair And Her Own Luxurious Locs

"I always loved locs," she wrote on Instagram.

There’s no doubt that Ava DuVernay is one unapologetically proud black woman.

On Friday, the award-winning director posted a touching Instagram photo that celebrated black hair and, more specifically, the beautiful long locs she has rocked for decades.

“I always loved locs,” she wrote. “Since I was a little girl when I would see a lady in my neighborhood with them. I thought they were magic.”

DuVernay, who said she was inspired to write the post after seeing a photo of herself in The Hollywood Reporter, dished about the various hairstyles she rocked growing up that included, she wrote, “Short bobs. Long weaves. Braids of all kinds.”

And although no one in her family has locs like she does, she said she hopes “some little girl somewhere comes across this image and sees magic too.”

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