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Avalanche Rabbit Runs Through Massive Snowfall... And Lives!


A white rabbit was caught on video picking the worst possible moment to make a run for it -- just as an avalanche crossed his path in Kamchatka, Russia. The scene was caught on video by Helipro, an adventure travel company that drops off people for skiing and snowboarding via helicopter.

The company said it was gathering footage for "The Balance Movie," an upcoming flick about board sports, when the rabbit was spotted running into the avalanche created by snowboarder David Carrier-Porcheron.

"This crazy rabbit appeared and showed us the best survival (technique)!" the company wrote on its website. "People from all over the world support the rabbit now!"

Helipro said the footage is not only real, but added that the rabbit is fine.

"He survived and has a beautiful life in Kamchatka!," the company wrote on Vimeo. Helipro even added an "after" photo on Facebook as proof:

Наш друг в полном порядке ;)

Posted by HELIPRO - Russian Heli Project on Friday, June 12, 2015

To see the complete footage, complete with the song "Run Rabbit Run," check out Helipro's original post on Vimeo.

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