The Original Avengers Reunite, And It Gets 'Super' Awkward

The Avengers reassembled to crack jokes at the Kids' Choice Awards.

Not even the coronavirus can stop the Avengers from assembling. 

At Nickelodeon’s virtual Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, “Avengers: Endgame” took the award for Favorite Movie. So in celebration, the original six Avengers remotely reunited to inspire kids and also dunk on each other.

Though 2019’s “Endgame” was the end of the collective journey for the original six, the group immediately got back into its old banter, with Thor, aka Chris Hemsworth, and Captain America, aka Chris Evans, arguing about who was actually stronger. 

“This was my life for a decade,” Black Widow actor Scarlett Johansson quipped about their bickering.

Then Robert Downey Jr. joined the call, and things between the superheroes got super awkward. Downey’s Iron Man died in “Endgame,” seemingly capping off the character’s story for good (unlike Black Widow, who also died but still has a movie coming out).

“Oh?” Johansson said. 

“Robert?” Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo added. 

“We thought you were uh—” Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner began, apparently about to bring up Iron Man’s death.

“What? Social distancing? Aren’t we all?” Downey replied. Cue the crickets.

Of course, it was all done in good fun, and the actors also had some positive messages for kids, telling them to stay safe and stay strong. 

Love you 3000,” Downey said.