Please Say Yes: The Average Promposal Now Costs $324

Prepare To Be Shocked By The Average Cost Of A Promposal

It's not just in your head -- promposals are getting more elaborate and more expensive. A new survey shows that the average cost of a promposal has topped out at $324.

Promposals now make up over a third of the total cost of prom, according to Visa, which sponsored the survey. According to data gleaned from 3,041 phone interviews, the average teen's family will spend $919 on prom-related expenses this year.

“Prom is a fun night for kids to get together and dance, but spending $300 plus on a promposal to simply ask your date is exorbitant,” Nat Sillin, Visa’s head of U.S. financial education, said in a statement.

The poorest families plan to spend the most on prom, and Northeastern teens are to spend more than teens from other regions, the report states.

Complicated, dramatic promposals have surged in popularity in recent years. High schoolers have twerked in gold lame shorts, re-enacted movies, sung a capella and built enormous snow sculptures to invite that special someone to the prom.

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