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Average Woman Keeps Same Makeup Style For 11 Years: Survey

Just how adventurous is the average American woman when it comes to updating her makeup look? Not very much, according to a new consumer survey.

On average, women in the U.S. keep the same makeup style for a whopping 11 years and continue to use their favorite brand or item of makeup for about 4 years, according to a March survey conducted by about consumer spending habits.

The survey, which involved about 2,000 women aged 18 and older, also revealed that it usually takes the discontinuation or a significant spike in the price of a product or brand for the average woman to decide to swap out a preferred brand or item of makeup for something new.

According to the survey data, 56 percent of participants said that discontinuation is the usual reason behind their choice to change an item or brand they once favored, while 35 percent cited an increase in price as the typical motivation behind a switch.

Mark Pearson, the chairman and founder of, told The Huffington Post over e-mail on Wednesday that he was quite surprised by the survey results, particularly by the data that shows just how set in their ways many American women are when it comes to their makeup style and regimen.

"[M]any American women haven’t changed their makeup look at all in almost 11 years," he said. "That is a decade of sticking with the same look makeup-wise, which to be honest probably isn’t the best way to look one’s best. With many advances in makeup and skin-care, including better quality organic brands providing an eco friendly alternative, it is the best time to experiment with updating one’s look."

He added that the survey reveals "just how loyal consumers are when it comes to makeup and skin care products."

"I know women who have used the same skin care range for years and will absolutely refuse to switch to another brand because they believe in the product, the brand and more importantly the results it gives them," he said. "While there is more choice than ever before, it seems that consumers are more savvy to the PR game and will only stick with a product and brand if it makes them feel good about themselves and more importantly, produces the beauty results they are after."

Sticking to a set-in-stone makeup regimen appears to be a phenomenon not limited to U.S. women. In a 2012 survey conducted by another discount website, it was found that the average woman in the U.K. wears the same style of makeup for about 12 years, according to an October post on the Telegraph.

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