Avery Laval Goes to Las Vegas: Introducing a Strong New Voice in Romance

Avery Laval Goes to Las Vegas: Introducing a Strong New Voice in Romance
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Today marks the debut for Avery Laval’s new Sin City Tycoons series, a steamy, high-drama world of successful men—and the women who change their lives. First up: A TYCOON’S JEWEL (Blue Crow Books), in which a young woman’s stint working for the boss turns into a sexy struggle for power.

<p>A TYCOON’S JEWEL and Avery Laval</p>

A TYCOON’S JEWEL and Avery Laval

Okay, Avery. Let’s not pretend we’re above it all. Tell us about your sexy heroes.

You mean Gandhi and Oprah? No? I didn’t think so. The men of the series, the Sin City Tycoons, are pretty much the guys I have always wanted to read about but haven’t quite seen yet. These guys are hot and they’re rich, sure, but mostly they are all up in their brains. Grant, the hero of JEWEL, was born with next to nothing, and now he’s one of the most successful Black men in Vegas, and he’s infallible (in his own mind). But don’t worry: Grant and his buddies (the rest of the TYCOONS) may rise to power and wealth, but they’ll fall just as surely to love.

And the women they fall for?

I have only one rule for my heroines: They have to be whip-smart. Jenna is hard-knock smart, the kind of smart you get when you have a perfect education and a perfect childhood and it all falls apart and you have to get your legs under you in the blink of an eye. I think it’s common in this culture to overlook the power and internal strength of a woman who has learned things the hard way. Grant underestimates her at first, but he won’t make that mistake twice!

<p>Avery love boats. Honestly, it looks like fun to me, too.</p>

Avery love boats. Honestly, it looks like fun to me, too.

But be real: Is love really what it’s like in a romance novel?

Why not? A romance novel, or any novel, is a moment in time. It’s a story among a thousand stories. In A TYCOON’S JEWEL, Grant and Jenna think they know each other going in, but they’ve got it all wrong. They’ll fight, they’ll make up, they’ll make love, and they’ll find a way. That’s not so different from real life, is it? When we complain about women “losing themselves in fantasy” when they read romance, we kind of miss the whole point, which is this: we read, and we write, what we know.

<p>Avery’s dog, Pierce Brosnan.</p>

Avery’s dog, Pierce Brosnan.

In that case your research must have been…uh…pretty fun.

Sorry—a lady never kisses and tells. (Well, not for less than a seven figure advance!) Or, unless I’m kissing my dog. Here’s a picture. His name is Pierce Brosnan.

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