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Avis Cardella, Author Of <em>Spent</em> Discusses Shopping Addiction

Writer Avis Cardella details her shopping addiction in her upcoming memoir Spent. She talked to WWD about her oniomania (that's the clinical term) and how it changed her life.

"It was very difficult to look at shopping as something that could be problematic, yet I knew I was uncomfortable with my relationship to shopping," Cardella explained. "There was that problem of being in that world and wanting to keep up appearances. But I think the issue that kept coming up is that I needed to deal with the hard psychological things; my grief, mainly. And to confront my feelings about myself in regards to that instead of hiding behind this perfect image that I was trying to portray."

But she doesn't place blame on the fashion industry. She thinks she allowed herself to get carried away.

Cardella currently lives outside of Paris with her second husband. Spent will hit bookshelves on May 14.