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Japan Has Avocado Cheese Doritos, And They Won't Share With Us (PHOTO)

Avocado Cheese Doritos? Share the wealth, you guys!

It's not that we're not happy that Doritos Locos Tacos exist, it's just that we don't want Frito Lay to think they can stop there, especially not with the latest Doritos news out of Japan. Long known to have the longest, strangest and most fun list of Dorito flavors on earth, Frito Lay Japan has just released a flavor that we are insanely jealous of. That's right, Japan has all the Avocado Cheese Doritos and they're not sharing.

Consider this our plea to Frito Lay to mix up the stateside Doritos recipes. We want our avocado and cheese too. Also, anyone at HuffPost Japan should feel absolutely free to send a few bags over.

avocado doritos bag

The cheese in question appears to be cream cheese, which is about as strange a choice as you could make, but probably tastes pretty good. If these were to migrate stateside, we can see people going totally crazy for avocado and white cheddar or even avocado and queso fresco. As if the country-specific exclusivity weren't enough, it turns out that Avocado Cheese Doritos are also only available for a limited time -- October 28, 2013 to February 28, 2014. Your move, Frito Lay America.

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