Twitter Absolutely Loses It Over 'Evil' Avocado Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Please keep the avocado out of our macaroni and cheese.

Macaroni and cheese is a sacred dish for many folks, which is why the latest attempt to make it “healthier” is being met with fire.

Last week, Twitter account @TheFitFood posted a video version of a 2015 PopSugar recipe for avocado mac and cheese. The hot dish features two whole avocados, lots of whole-wheat macaroni and relatively little cheese.

Not only does the recipe involve heating up avocado ― which is basically a crime in itself ― but it calls for only goat cheese and low-fat mozzarella, with no mention of the usual cheddar.

Twitter couldn’t handle the defilement:

To be fair, PopSugar isn’t the only one with an avocado mac and cheese recipe: Plenty of food bloggers have posted versions of it, as well as Allrecipes and, of course, the California Avocado Commission. The Kitchn suggests adding chopped avocado to boxed mac and cheese as an “upgrade.”

And it’s certainly not the first time people have attempted healthier takes on the classic dish. There are plenty of recipes for butternut squash mac and cheese floating around the web; “The Chew” calls it a viewer favorite.

We’ll keep our tricked-out macaroni recipes avo-free for now, thanks.

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