Of COURSE There's An 'Avocado Bar' Opening In Brooklyn

Come ON.

Just when you thought avocado ― or Brooklyn ― couldn’t get any more painfully trendy.

The infamous borough of indie beards, craft beer and defunct artisanal mayonnaise-only stores is adding another highly unnecessary yet totally predictable entity to its list of food offerings: an avocado-only restaurant.

Avocaderia calls itself “the world’s first avocado bar,” which is the real pits for a similar-sounding restaurant in Amsterdam that opened earlier this year. The New York joint will serve smoothies, salads, bowls and ― you guessed it ― toast, all made with that delicious green Instagram gold.

Avocaderia's beet hummus toast. 
Avocaderia's beet hummus toast. 

A press release from the brand said the restaurant, which opened this month in Sunset Park, was inspired by partner Francesco Brachetti’s move to Mexico several years ago.

“Avocados in Mexico were delicious and widely used in many different dishes,” said Brachetti. “Suddenly I was having avocado everyday: I loved the healthy and tasty characteristic of this super fruit.”

Huh. While the opportunity to eat even more avocado is sure to delight many brunch lovers and social media fiends, others weren’t as enthused about this ultimate expression of trendy food love and discovery:

Shops dedicated to one ingredient have bounced back over the years, especially in New York. There’s the aforementioned artisanal mayo store, the cookie dough shop with lines around the block, restaurants that serve only meatball-based dishes and more.

If you build it, it appears they will come ― or at least talk about it a lot.

Avocaderia’s menu includes items like beet hummus and avocado toast (which, fine, sounds delicious) and Greek bowls and ― wait ― suddenly we’re planning a vintage bike ride over there. Help!

If you aren’t into avocado at all, you could always take a trip across the pond to a London restaurant that completely banned the stuff from its menu in March. “We’re frankly bored of seeing it on every breakfast and brunch menu,” said George Notley, executive chef of the trend-bucking restaurant Firedog.

Head to Avocaderia.com for a look at the grub.