Etsy's Finest Avocado Swag (PHOTOS)

Yes, there is such a thing as an avocado ukelele.

Avocado fans, if you're constantly searching for more ways to show your love for this green fruit, we have got you covered. You true fanatics out there -- you know who you are with your avocado-a-day habit -- we understand that your love of avocado runs deep; so deep that no amount of guacamole or fried avocado tacos will satisfy you. We know that you need to show your love in so many more ways than that.

Luckily, there are other avocado addicts out there who get us. And they've made the best swag to help us show our love. From ukeleles to artistic oil paintings, avocados inspire some of the best swag.

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Avocado Ukulele

Avocado Swag

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