Numbers Prove Millennials Don't Actually Love Avocados That Much

And most of them aren't wasting their paychecks on avocado toast, either.
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For such a simple dish, avocado toast has gotten a lot of buzz. It’s popped up on trendy restaurant menus ― which means it’s expensive ― and it has been blamed for keeping millennials from becoming home owners.

But are millennials really that avocado crazed? The avocado roses we see in our Instagram feeds ― not to mention the ironic avocado lattes ― made it seem so, but we needed to know for sure.

We teamed up with YouGov to see just how avocado-toast crazed millennials actually are ― and the results are very interesting. It turns out that, like much conventional wisdom, millennials’ supposed avocado affinity doesn’t quite hold up to scrutiny.

We found that people aged 18-29 (a group mostly comprising millennials) are in fact not more obsessed with avocados than anyone else. In fact, people over 30 years old are, if anything more into avocados than the younger generation.

It’s true that most adults under age 30 ― 57 percent of them ― say they like avocados. But so do 66 percent of older Americans. And just 28 percent of adults under age 30, compared to 35 percent of older adults, say they “love” the fruit.

Millennials aren’t especially prone to blowing their home deposits on fancy restaurant avocado toast either. Just 6 percent of adults under 30 have splurged on store-bought avocado toast, while another 14 percent have encountered it on a menu but passed it up. Among older adults, those numbers are a nearly identical 5 and 12 percent, respectively.

If anything, young adults are more likely to be thriftily crafting their own breakfasts. Fourteen percent say they’ve made avocado toast at home, while 8 percent of adults over age 30 say the same.

You can’t argue with the stats. Avocado toast might be made famous by millennials, but it’s consumed by all.

The HuffPost/YouGov poll consisted of 1,000 completed interviews conducted May 30-31 among U.S. adults, using a sample selected from YouGov’s opt-in online panel to match the demographics and other characteristics of the adult U.S. population.

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Most surveys report a margin of error that represents some, but not all, potential survey errors. YouGov’s reports include a model-based margin of error, which rests on a specific set of statistical assumptions about the selected sample, rather than the standard methodology for random probability sampling. If these assumptions are wrong, the model-based margin of error may also be inaccurate. Click here for a more detailed explanation of the model-based margin of error.

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