Avocados From Mexico Takes a Highly Creative and Unexpected Approach to Its First Super Bowl Ad

All indications point to a fruit as the focus of talk among Super Bowl advertising enthusiasts after the Big Game this Sunday.

#FirstDraftEver promises to drive engagement across all social media platforms. The hashtag will be pushed out in coordination with some bizarre and engaging videos to generate substantial buzz.

The ad, "First Draft Ever," was released on Friday, and the marketing group behind Avocados From Mexico is preparing a very bold digital push. The brand from which you would expect some sort of emotional approach featuring two of three generations of growers is going the opposite direction with a brilliantly ridiculous spot, and some bizarrely clever videos produced by Austin-based creative agency, GSDM.

The full-fledged digital campaign will launch immediately following Sunday's ad, featuring a site refresh and the rollout of seven online videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter around this big consumer promotion that will unfold throughout the rest of the night and lead into the following day.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the video below that will go live on Super Bowl Sunday, and now you've got access too.

The video was created as part of The Draft Continues, the hour-long live draft giveaway event that will take place after the #FirstDraftEver spot airs during the Super Bowl. The charmingly bizarre content is not necessarily meant to be viewed in its entirety, though there is goodness in every second if you do take the time to watch, but more as a "check back" between draft rounds.

What do Mariachis and moonwalking have in common? This video. And Mexico. #FirstDraftEver