In A Popularity Contest Between Avocado And Our Top Politicians, This Is Who Wins

The country's love of this fruit runs deep.
07/31/2017 06:00am ET

Today, on National Avocado Day, it’s time to honor the avocado.

We know that the people’s love of avocado runs deep. It’s evident in how quickly a bowl of guacamole will disappear at a party. It’s illustrated in how eager people are to use it as a toast topping. And a taco filling. And an egg holder.

But in this ever-tensing political climate, we didn’t realize that the country’s love of this healthy green fruit has made its popularity soar higher than some of the most powerful men and women running our country.

We took a look at Google Trends, an analytical tool that charts out how popular a term is based upon how much it has been entered in search. We looked at the past 12 months of searches from around the world, and found that 10 of our highest-ranking politicians are less popular than avocados. Take a look:

Google Trends
A look at the graph created by Google Trends comparing the search term "avocado" with the search term "Paul Ryan." This graph pulls search data from around the world and over the course of a year. It shows an average of the whole year in the bar graph on  the left, and outlines changes in the search trends with the line graph.

The line blue represents searches for the word “avocado,” and the red line represents searches for Speaker of the House of Representatives “Paul Ryan.” That’s right, Ryan ― a man who is heavily involved in reworking of healthcare ― has never even come close to being as popular as the avocado.

Now let’s take a look at the outcomes of the contests between the avocado and some more of our politicians.

Come on, we all knew he didn't really stand a chance, even as Majority Leader of the Senate.
Education takes a back seat when it comes to avocado. Or at least, the Secretary of Education does.
OK, there was definitely no surprise with Spicer, right?
Ivanka Trump has been a household name for a while now, but even she can't beat the avocado.
Anthony Scaramucci, ahem "The Mooch," just can't compete with "The 'Cado." And now he's not even in the White House anymore.
Donald Trump's former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, definitely loses. Every time.
We're not sure what this says about the state of our country, but we're pretty sure it means that avocado toast will outlive Pence's time in the White House.
CHANGEUP ALERT: There is one man to whom the internet pays more attention than avocados. It's Donald Trump.
With a name that's been in the media as long as Trump's, and with as much controversy as he has stirred up, this isn't really a surprise. The avocado has some work to do.