Avoid These 6 Mistake When Planning Your Queer Family


With same-sex marriage in the U.S. still in its infancy, more queer couples than ever in the U.S. are looking into family planning. On this Queer Money, we talk about international adoption for an Israeli-based couple. While the laws and hurdles aren't exactly the same for U.S.-based, same-sex couples, the struggles are.

We talk with Adrian from Tel Aviv, Israel. Adrian shares his experiences navigating the international waters of queer family planning. With Adrian, we discuss six considerations all queer couples should remember when planning their family.

Because Adrian and his husband were married in a country that recognizes same-sex marriage at the national-level, Israel also recognizes their marriage. Same-sex marriage, however, cannot be performed legally in Israel.

International Queer Family Planning

Adrian and his husband decided they wanted to grow their family in 2006 and Adrian shares how the considered their options, which they narrowed down to international surrogacy. Their choice of international surrogacy, as a queer couple however, came with its own unique hurdles.

Queer Family Planning and Finances

Adrian shares how he and his husband analyzed and prepared financially for growing their family. He shares how they researched all options with surrogacy, including the home country of their surrogate, family support and insurance options.

If you're considering growing your own queer family, this Queer Money will help you prepare for the challenges ahead and help you make the right decision for you. Don't go it alone, though. For family planning support in the U.S., visit Men Having Babies.