Avoidr Foursquare App Helps You Avoid Awkward Run-Ins With Your Ex

The popular Foursquare app, a location-based social networking tool, helps friends and strangers connect and coordinate. But Foursquare won't help you avoid that awkward encounter with an ex or that smelly guy in the apartment across the hall. That's where Avoidr, dubbed an "antisocial networking" tool, comes in.

Avoidr is a Foursquare plug-in that tells you where your "not-friends" are so you can steer clear and enjoy your night out.

Users can sign in using an existing Foursquare account and designate their Foursquare foes with titles like "That Freak Show," "Jerk" and a few saltier labels. Avoidr then generates a list of places where "frenemies" have checked in so you know where to avoid.

Jesper Andersen, the site's founder, told New York Magazine that the idea came after watching numerous friends try to navigate their former social scenes after a bad break-ups. People with "stalkers" also find Avoidr helpful, according to Andersen.

Andersen also suggested his service as a way to minimize contact without having to un-friend someone. "Social networks should take into account that friendships ebb and flow," he said.