Avril Lavigne Wants You To Know She Loves Her Fans As Much As Taylor Swift Loves Her Own

Avril hugs people, too!

It's no secret that fans who attend an Avril Lavigne meet and greet might get a -- how shall we put this -- less than warm welcome.

Last May, photos from the Canadian pop star's meet and greet in Brazil went viral after it was pointed out just how damn awkward it was that she was standing about a mile away from each of her fans. Honestly, we get it. Touching strangers is weird. Even if they did shell out nearly $400 to meet her, that still means they need to respect her personal space. 

So when Taylor Swift apparently "liked" a Tumblr post that compared how most celebrities treat their fans to the way Swift treats hers, Lavigne felt compelled to speak out on Twitter (and prove she loves her fans just as much). 

This was Lavigne's proof that she, too, sometimes hugs her fans. Good for you, Avril.

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