Man Climbs To 'Edge Of The World' To Take The Scariest Selfie Ever

360-degrees of pure Kauai magic!

Don't try this -- ever.

Hiking to the end of the Awaʻawapuhi Trail on the island of Kauai is a pretty terrifying experience. But photographer Scott Sharick upped the ante for the vertigo-inducing trek when he decided to hold a GoPro stick while walking along the mountain's ridge line. The results? The scariest selfie we've ever seen, and for good reason: it was taken from a hiking spot so dangerous, the state basically begs hikers to not venture where this man has gone.

"Standing on the edge of one of the ridges on the Na Pali coast is very invigorating," Sharick told The Huffington Post. "It makes one feel so small to be in such a vast place where it looks like you are on the edge of the world."

While the legendary trail starts with a fairly easy walk through the Na Pali-Kona Forest Reserve (where you'll enjoy a few viewpoints of the ocean and valleys), it ends with two lookout points showing off the Awa’awapuhi and Nualolo valleys below.

"The trail slopes down so getting there is quick," Sharick explained. "Once you get to the lookout, you can then take a walk down the spine."

If you go past the railings, which is extremely dangerous and not advised, and out onto the mountain's ridge line like Sharick did, you'll find yourself surrounded by panoramic views of Kauai's famed Na Pali coastline.

"Anyone hiking should be aware of the challenges of any given hike," Sharick warned. "And they should not go beyond their means just to see a beautiful view or to get a picture."

David Chatsuthiphan, owner of the hiking blog Unreal Hawaii, offered a similar warning.

"Extreme caution should be taken at the end of the trail because, well, it's a cliff," he writes. "It would be very easy for a careless person to slip and fall to their death."

To access the Awaʻawapuhi Trail head, follow the state's official trail and access guide. Going onto the mountain's ridge line is strictly prohibited.

But the legal views from the end of the trail are equally as jaw-dropping. Just take a look for yourself below.

kumakuma1216 via Getty Images
Peter French via Getty Images

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