'Awake' Exclusive: Watch The First 7 Minutes Of NBC's Ambitious New Drama (VIDEO)

NBC's "Awake" (premiering Thurs., Mar. 1, 10 p.m. EST) is the most ambitious new drama on any network. Even with a complex premise to set up, the pilot is a compelling, well-acted hour of television and HuffPost TV has the exclusive sneak peek at the show's first seven minutes (and 55 seconds).

Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) is in a tragic car accident with his wife and son that fractures his life into two competing realities. In one, his wife is dead and he has to learn how to be a single father to his teenage son, Rex (Dylan Minnette); when he "wakes up" in what appears to be another reality, his son is dead and he and his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) are dealing with the aftermath.

This split carries into his work life, with two different partners on the police force (one played by Steve Harris and the other by Wilmer Valderrama), as well as into his grieving process, with two different therapists (Cherry Jones and BD Wong) trying help him come to terms with each of his "realities." As viewers, we won't know which one is real, and honestly, we might not want to -- watching Britten navgiate both of his lives is fascinating.

Watch and tell us what you think: Will you watch "Awake"?